Do you want to know just
what is she thinking and feeling?

From The Desk of  Cucan Pemo
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Dear Friend,

How many times have you looked at your girlfriend, sister, mother or any other woman and wondered, “What is going on inside her head?!

It’s no secret that women have a way of confounding men with their mysterious behavior. I’m a woman, and I’d be the first to admit this! Men and women sometimes seem to be speaking two different languages—and just like with any other language barrier, sometimes you need a translator to step in and help out.

Well, that’s exactly what I’m here to do. Dozens—maybe hundreds—of books have already been written on the question of how men and women can learn to communicate better, but none of them tell you all the secrets I am going to give you here.

This is a very unusual and much needed book, because it contains hundreds of specific and proven tips about how to make your relationship with the special woman in your life a healthy, long-lasting and happy one.

Most relationship books contain lots of abstract theories about what makes a good relationship. They give you exercises to perform with your partner. But that’s all baloney!

Exercises Don’t Work and Theories Can’t Help You Out
When ALL You Really Need to Know Is:
What is The Woman in My Life Thinking Right NOW?
How Can I Learn to Understand Her and Her Feelings?

You need specific advice, and that’s why I have written this book. I have been through it all—all the uncertainty, the fights, the break-ups, the singles scene—and now I’m in a committed and very satisfying relationship with the love of my life. I give advice to thousands of people about how to improve their relationships and become closer to their loved ones. I know firsthand what works between men and women, and I want to pass all that knowledge over to you.

I have put together 500 secrets you need to know about your woman if you ever desire to make her fall in love with you and keep her by your side. This will help you to really know the thoughts, feelings, needs, and desires of the one you are with.

These are what your woman (girlfriend or wife) may NOT want to tell you,
or may NOT even know how to explain to you!

If you’re a single guy and you just can’t understand how to get a date with a great girl, then this book is for you. I will reveal dozens of secrets about what girls are looking for when they are out with their friends and on the singles scene, and what causes them to give a guy a second look—or even a phone number. I’ll give you advice about how to ask a girl out on a date in a way that will make her swoon!

If you’ve already landed a great girl and you want to know how to keep her interested in you, I’ve got you covered! I remember exactly what it was like to be at the beginning of my relationship with my boyfriend, and I am going to tell you everything you need to know in order to make your gal feel loved, respected and satisfied.

And if you’ve been dating the same girl for a while and are thinking about how to take the next step, look no further than this book!

I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about what she’s probably feeling and how to get her to commit to you. I’ll explain how to tell if she’s getting antsy about getting a ring, and I’ll give you advice about proposals she will absolutely love and remember fondly forever.

Do you know that MOST Relationships and Marriages
can be Long-Lasting if only you could
Understand the Woman in your life?

Here's a quick look at what you'll learn about the woman you love in this awesome package:

• Do you want to know what a woman looks for in a date? What turns her on?

• Do you know what a woman wants and needs so that you can ensure yourself a second date?

• Do you want to know what girls really mean when they use the 10 common expressions?

• Do you know why women go for “Bad Boys”? Do you want to know how you can be a good “Bad Boy”?

• Do you know what are her innermost desires? Do you want to know how to make your woman's fantasies come true?

• You need not search further - the Answers to all your questions about women’s sexuality are all right here!

• Do you know the 30 things you must do to seduce a woman?

• Do you want to know 50 ways to spice up your dull sex life?

• Do you want to know what your woman expects from marriage? Do you know the 30 ways to ensure things stay interesting between you and your spouse?

• Common relationships problems and how to deal with them.

• Do you know the 20 things you should NEVER say to a girl?

Do you know what are the 30 things you don’t generally say – but that she DESPERATELY wants to hear?

• 50 surprising secrets about girls that you may not know

• And much, much more!

"I want to thank you
from the bottom of my heart!"

Your books are always a fascinating read! ..."
- Don

"Thank God...You have let me know
that there is absolutely nothing
wrong with me!"

...I'm a woman , and I can see myself in all that you write! Is there anyway I can get him to read this??.."
- Jessica

"Very UNIQUE Insights!
I will be reading it at least once a Month. . . !"
"..This book presents very fresh and unique perspectives to how men and women are differently wired! Just a few words from here within these pages have helped me see the 'light'...thanks for always being there promoting healthy, long term relationship between couples!"
- M.J.

"Your sense of humility and sharing played a SIGNIFICANT ROLE in my Life!..."

"Cucan I want to thank the Almighty for your life and wisdom He invested and vested in your mind, your sense of humility and sharing which played played a significant role in my life.
May the good Lord continue to Bless and Keep you
- Kagi


"You can absolutely transform your relationship
and/or marriage
with your woman once you understand
WHY she thinks and behaves the way she does!"

If you would take the trouble to learn why your partner think, feel and behave the ways as she does, I guarantee that you will know each other better than your rivals!

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  • Discover the right features you should be using to make your online dating a huge success.

  • Find out if sometimes it is all right to stretch the truth a little bit.

  • Uncover the key tips to creating your online dating profile.

  • Plus much MUCH More!

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"I wish I had this earlier . . .!"
"...beautifully complements the complete
'RetrieveALover' package..."

- Taylor

"Why don't they teach
this stuff in schools?"

"..I say you should get BOTH the one about men
and this one!!

- Jane

"I learn more about my wife from these books than what she could have told me herself!!"
"I learn more about my wife from these books than what she could have told me herself! For years I've been trying to understand her...and our communication is getting worse and worse. Now i can see the 'light'! We WILL have a long lasting marriage..and it's all thanks to you!.."
- S.K.

"Thanks So Much!!!"
"Dear Cucan, Thanks so much, you are such a wonderful counselor. You are really touching and shaping lives especially in relationships... God bless you as you continue to touch lives."
Regards, Sunday O.

"Thanks a million Cucan!!!"
"Let me be very blunt to you by saying you are too much! It's like am dreaming but not at all. My relationship has been transformed. Girls think in a way different from their male counterparts but your materials has been of immense value to this great discovery, adaptation and change. Am grateful!"
- Uk.

" has really helped me in all ramifications and has stopped the unwanted in my relationship..."
"hi Cucan Pemo and
thanks for your advice in the
course of relationships
. it has really helped me in
all ramifications and has stopped the unwanted in my
relationship. more power to your. Thanks!!!
- T. Akoro

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